What Do You Mean By The Trade Recognition Program In Australia

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Trade recognition in Australia more commonly known as the TRA is the type of the RPL assessment program which helps in the migration of the skills. It is considered as the part of the common wealth and this department is designed to operate in all parts of the Australia but the main offices are located in the cities of the Canberra and Melbourne. This program is not only for the people who are immigrants but this for even the native and nationals of Australia and for anyone who is either living temporary or permanently in Australia. 

Why do you need a trades recognition?

In some industries operating especially in Australia, this is the requirement for any kind of the job occupation and this is why you need to have this recognition in order to step in the desired field. For this, you could enrol yourself into the TRA program and the basic purpose is to ensure that the skill sets and the qualification that you have acquired is equivalent to the ones given in Australia or for the specific job that you are applying for. They consider all your previous qualification and the experiences based on your history they take a test assessment which is according to your field. If you pass out the assessments, then you are issued a letter which is kind of certification that is presented to you which in case you are immigrants then is given to your DIBP. But in case, you were not able to pass the presented test then you are provided with the detailed information about why you were unsuccessful in your tests and what were the things which lead to the failure. These are provided so that the next time you apply for such programs then you could improve the given points. 

How do you know if you are eligible?

Before you know whether you are eligible or not, you need to know why you should apply for the trades recognition Australia. First if you are applying for some work visa or graduation visa which is a temporary visa or you want to participate in the OSAP or Job ready programs. If one of these is your required option, then you need to move to the part when you need to know what is the eligibility criteria for this program. You are eligible to enrol in the TRA program if you have an education which could be considered as equivalent to Australian education, plus you must have at least of 12 months to 3 years’ experience in the respective field.

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