Fashion At Your Fingertips With Ruby Maine

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django and juliette boots

The world is so superficial today that almost everything has lost its meaning and people do not understand the value of anything. Back in the day, new clothes or shoes were a rare occurrence, reserved for only birthdays and Christmas. Thus, they held so much sentimental value for us but today it does not have half that effect.

Especially in this world of fast fashion, things have gotten worse. “Fast Fashion” is a method that is focused on rapidly mass-producing volumes of clothes.  Due to this, trends go in and out of fashion rapidly which is why consumers buy more clothes to stay in style. It may not be very sustainable, but it is the trend of the world right now and one is bound to adhere to it.

One is bound to adhere to the fast-fashion world, not only to stay on top of trends but also because of the superficial world. It is harder to establish your identity and clothes are one of the mediums used to establish your identity. A solution to all these demands of staying on top of trends due to fats fashion, the superficial world and still being able to establish your identity can all be solved with Ruby Maine.

Because Ruby Maine brings fashion to your fingertips!


A fashion and lifestyle boutique based in Australia, Ruby Maine is a treasure trove of fashion brands that offer giftware, fashion, accessories and so much more. Ruby Maine quite literally brings fashion to your fingertips because it operates as both, a physical store as well as an online store.

The store was bought in 2015, by a mother/daughter duo as part of their dream and since then, they have been working tirelessly to keep that dream afloat. Since then, they have amassed a reputation for operating as a loyal and ethical fashion emporium. At Ruby Maine, they pride themselves on offering the best customer service by offering all customers a friendly and personal experience.

Ruby Maine houses countless Australian local and even international collections of products. Some of these name brands are:

  • EOS footwear
  • Django and Juliette boots
  • Boom Shankar
  • La Bottega di Brunella
  • Elm Lifestyle
  • Foxwood
  • White Label Noba
  • Bianco and LTB Jeans

Their most popular and well-loved brands include EOS footwear and django and juliette boots sale. But these are not just it, the complete list of brands and items available at Ruby Maine can be found at their online store.

On their online store, all brands are categorized into four broad categories, that are: footwear, accessories, fashion, and giftware. And within that, all products are also categorized in their respective categories. This easy categorization at their online store makes the shopping experience easier and more pleasant. At the online store, deals and sales about different events like Christmas or thanksgiving are also easily available. So why miss out?


EOS footwear is a well-known, international brand of footwear that has been providing Italian, handcrafted leather shoes since 1984.  They have a wide range of beautiful footwear to select from. their range of footwear includes leather boots, high and low top sneakers, sandals, slippers perfect for the summer, long boots, and more.

The range of products at EOS footwear is so versatile that you can find shoes for all sorts of occasions. From cool summer footwear to winter boots or farm boots. They even have elegant sandals for a night out and of course, sneakers for all occasions.


Another well-known and popular brand at Ruby Maine is Django and Juliette boots. Since shoes are very important in daily life, investing in a pair must be done with proper discretion. At Django and Juliette, you can find a perfect combination of fashionable and comfortable footwear. The people behind Django and Juliette boots create each piece of footwear with care and love, knowing that they will be worn for a long time.

Django and Juliette boots also have very interesting sales almost every season, from spring to winter. They have shoes that can fit all your styles, crafted with the best and finest materials.

From EOS footwear to Django and Juliette boots, the main focus at Ruby Maine is to provide the latest style of fashion to their customers without compromising on quality. With online stores and an in-store shopping experience, what are you waiting for? Live your fashion dreams with Ruby Maine.