Signs That Shows You Need Roof Replacement

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We take many things in our life for granted. Many times we don’t know what those things are protecting us and keeping us safe. Same is the case with roofs, we will never notice our roofs, till water starts dripping on our head or we can see sunlight on our floor. These will be the signs that now the life of your roof has completed and it may need repair or replacement. It is always recommended that one should keep an eye on its roof, to avoid such situation because there are multiple signs which can indicate that your roof needs replacement.


Yes, the roof has aged. In general, the roof can last for 20 to 25 years. If you are living in the same house for this much time and well aware that your roof was never repaired or replaced. Then you should make your mind for replacement. Because after 20 years, the roof if completing its life and like very material object, reaching its end.

Leaks and Cracks

This is obvious when you can see that with rain, the water is dripping on your floor. When you can see sunlight patches on your floor, it means that your roof has cracked. If not attended soon, these cracks will open more.


Shingles are also one of the basic indicators that tell the health of your roof. If the shingles are curling, then it happens due to weathering. The curled shingles can cause leaking the roof. Maybe there are some missing shingles. This can happen due to strong winds and mostly the shingles get missing due to weathering effect. It is nearly impossible to install new shingles because there will be a great difference between the colour of new and old shingles. If the old shingles are missing due to weathering issue and you replaced them with new. But other old shingles will keep on going missing, so in the end, you have to replace all the shingles with new ones. So instead of repeating the same activity many times. It is better to replace them with a new roof. Even the old shingles can also get cracks due to weathering. The appearance of cracks will not be on a few shingles as they have occurred due to weathering then these cracks will be found randomly on the majority of shingles. So it is a clear sign that weathering has made its impact and you need a new roof.

Algae or Moss

With due course of time, you can see that your shingles are turning into green. But they are not getting green due to their colour but growth of algae and moss. Yes, it doesn’t affect the performance of the roof but it will ruin the aesthetic. If you can withstand this scary look, then you don’t need to replace your roof. Otherwise, this is also an obvious sign to go for it.